The Guardian FGM Poster Campaign

In December the Guardian asked me to produce a video for their latest FGM campaign in Kenya. The story was following a young Kenyan lady Domtila Chesang on her pursuit to stop FGM. She devised, along with the support of the Guardian, a poster competition in which over 300 girls (at the cutting age) participated. The poster that won then became a billboard and was displayed in 7 towns near Makutano in Western Kenya, where FGM is still rife.

This was an amazing project to be part of and I was lucky enough to meet some incredible Kenyans who are working tirelessly, with no personal gain, to stop FGM. These areas that are still practicing FGM are way out in the sticks and the people there are generally illiterate and have no one to advise them otherwise. From this campaign, both women and men in these areas were eager to learn more about the dangers of FGM and why it should stop.

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